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NOTE:  The Class Roster has been Updated! 

Send an email to Ray Olszewski for a copy of the roster to be sent to you. 

Please specify if you want the roster sent electronically to your email address or by snail mail by providing a physical mailing address.


The Roster reflects the following:

227 identified as Graduated in the class of 1957

The status of 7 classmates are unknown. 

(if you know anything about them, please contact me.)

A total of 99 of our classmates are known to be deceased. Their obituaries can be found by Clicking here.


Stay well, safe and please stay in touch!

Ray Olszewski - Home Room Representative for life!

Har-Brack High School Alma Mater

We sing to Har-Brack our voices raise

To alma mater our tribute and praise.

We will be loyal and ever true

Dear Har-Brack High School we'll always love you.

The green and white will always be

Close to the hearts of you and me.

High in our Standards so firm and true

Dear Har-Brack High School we'll always love you.


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